How Can I Prepare My Child for Going Back to School? Your children have probably been enjoying the months of summer where they were able to sleep in a little bit later and stay up later, but come August, it is all about to change. Therefore, instead of waiting until the last minute to get your child ready for a new back-to-school routine, the time is now to start getting back on track, especially when it comes to health.

Ways to Prepare for Going Back to School

  • Get back into a consistent sleep and wake-up routine.
  • Re-establish school routines.
  • Set up a homework station.
  • Make an after-school game plan.

Why Is Sleep So Important for My Child?

One important aspect of getting your child ready to head back to school? Resetting the sleep routine. And most of our kids aren’t getting enough sleep. Quality sleep helps your child grow and develop, and it’s especially important for learning. So ensure your child is getting the recommended amount of sleep based on his or her age. A consistent bedtime routine can make that possible.

A Bedtime Routine for Children

  • Start getting your child to bed early at least two weeks before school starts.
  • Maintain a bedtime schedule and stick to it.
  • Establish a relaxing bedtime routine.
  • Limit screen time in the hour or two before bedtime.
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