1) Small Sessions Rather than focusing on running a half-marathon every day before you even put on your work clothes, try seeking out small exercise goals. Exercises as simple as 20 pushups in-between work emails or jogging up the stairs instead of taking the elevator go a long way towards overall fitness. 2) Buddy System Working out can be a solitary task, even for the most introverted among us. Rather than forcing yourself to go be alone for an hour to work out, consider asking a friend to join you at the gym. Not only will you be able to get the exercise you need while catching up with an old friend, chances are you will feel more accountable to hit your goals. 3) Music Nothing makes going for a run harder than not having a great playlist to run to. A step as small as organizing a playlist of your favorite uptempo songs can help your workout to last longer and you to enjoy it more.]]>