1) Seek Medical Attention Broken legs are tough, but leaving them untended actually makes it worse. Seeing a physician can leave you with a better understanding of the extent of the injury and the journey to recovery. 2) Use Crutches As difficult as they can be to use, crutches are recommended for a reason—they work. Using your crutches can help make sure you keep weight off your leg and allow it time to recover. (Quick tip: Cover the top of the crutches with thick socks to cushion them under your arms.) 3) Follow Advice From time to time, we can all be tempted to try to outsmart our physician, thinking that we don’t need as much recovery time as recommended, but often we are flat-out incorrect. Trust the process and follow advice—it will help set you on the road to health. Accidents don’t always happen on weekdays between 9 and 5. We’re here when you need us—with weekend and extended hours!]]>